Place your Financial Trust in a Chartered Accountant

Utilizing accounting services for your business or personal finances comes with a great amount of trust in that person. How your finances are handled will make or break your future, and you want to know that your financial adviser understands you and your needs. Accountants can steer you in the right direction financially and help you manage your money more efficiently. They can help you with investment decisions and how to make the most profit from the money you currently have. When you search for the right accountant for you, you should strongly consider using a Chartered Accountant, as they have completed rigorous studies and training to achieve the highest level of expertise in financial matters.

Chartered Accountants graduate with a business or finance related degree from an accredited university. They apply for provisional membership as a Chartered Accountant and begin a mentored practical experience for three years of full time work. During this practicum, they develop professional competence with the guidance from a Chartered Accountant. They take additional online courses throughout this practicum focused in Audit & Assurance, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Management Accounting & Applied Finance, and Taxation with competency assessments and Stephenson Thorner Ltd final exams. The classes teach them to develop technical competence through problem-based learning using case studies and scenarios. The last part of the program integrates technical knowledge and professional skills, using complex real life case studies to become a well-rounded accounting professional. The applicant will have to continue online studies for 14 weeks, attend three in-person workshops and complete a final exam. At that point, they are admitted for membership as a Chartered Accountant.

Chartered Accountants work as Chief Financial Officers, Chief Executive Officers, senior managers and partners at the worlds largest firms. As a member, they network with the most developed and well-rounded accounts across the globe and are dedicated to achieving the best for their clients. Their hard work though the program shows their commitment to self-improvement and professional development. They complete their work to the highest standard using highly developed communication and technical skills. Throughout their practicum, they develop the ability to solve complex problems with superior analytical thinking skills. A Chartered Accountant has gone the extra mile to prove their dedication to the profession and to their clients by subjecting themselves to the highest standards in the accounting industry.

Stephenson Thorner Accountants are Chartered Accountants that understand the everyday workings of business and numbers, but know how to relay that information in a way the client understands. They listen to you and your business or personal needs to develop the right strategy for your finances. Visit to see the professionals who love what they do and want to help you be successful and profitable. When you choose Stephenson Thorner Accountants, you are choosing a firm that works as a team and isn’t happy until you’re happy. Use Chartered Accountants Wellington for trust in your financial future.

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